Welcome to python-rtmidi!

RtMidi is a set of C++ classes which provides a concise and simple, cross-platform API (Application Programming Interface) for realtime MIDI input/output across Linux (ALSA & JACK), Macintosh OS X (CoreMidi & JACK), and Windows (Multimedia Library) operating systems.

python-rtmidi is a Python binding for RtMidi implemented with Cython and provides a thin wrapper around the RtMidi C++ interface. The API is basically the same as the C++ one but with the naming scheme of classes, methods and parameters adapted to the Python PEP-8 conventions and requirements of the Python package naming structure. python-rtmidi supports Python 2 (tested with Python 2.7) and Python 3 (3.3, 3.4, 3.5 and 3.6).

For more information, visit python-rtmidi’s web page:

See the file INSTALL.rst for installation instructions, CHANGELOG.rst for a history of changes per release and LICENSE.txt for information about copyright and usage terms.